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In Taiji  (Tai Chi), there are five originating families, or styles, from China.  My ancestors originally practiced the Chen style of Taiji.  However, over 100 years ago, my family developed their own style, with the basis of their style being the Chen style.  This new style was called "Sun Taiji", making me a direct blood-line descendant of the founders of Sun Taiji.   Sun Taiji has become one of the more popular styles both in China and the United States.

My knowledge of Sun Taiji was passed to me through generations, and I have passed on my knowledge to my school instructors in order to pass on the study of Taiji in a manner as it was originally and traditionally intended. 

In addition to the traditions of my family style, Sun Taiji, I have extensively studied the roots of my  family style, Chen style, as well as East Mountain Taiji, as developed by Professor/Master Huifeng Men.  

The gentle movements of Taiji improves flexibility, agility and mobility.  Taiji greatly improves joint stiffness, balance, back problems, relives arthritis, and helps to avoid falls.  Regardless of your age, Taiji is a means to better health.  


If you are an adult, or senior citizen looking to improve your physical condition, we offer beginning to advanced levels of Taiji classes, as well as individual instruction sessions at our school.