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Master Zhen Kang Sun's Taijiquan and Shaolin Martial Arts, founded in 1996, is a school of traditional Chinese Marital Arts.  Through traditional training methods, students improve flexibility, balance, and reflexes as well as learn practical self-defense skills. 

We offer programs for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and special classes for Martial Arts Instructors.  (Private lessons are also available for all levels of instruction.)   We work with each student at their current level to improve physical conditioning and advance martial arts skills. 

Due to Shifu Sun’s extensive studies in several Chinese Martial Art styles, our school offers classes in a wide variety of styles from the hard, aggressive style of Shaolin Kung Fu to the smooth, fast circular movements of Baguazhang, to the flowing, harmonious style of Taijiquan.  To view the list of the styles we offer, proceed to the Styles Offered page. 

Our Affiliation with the Shaolin Monks

One of the key elements of our school is that we are directly linked to the world famous Shaolin Monks and Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China.  Our founder and director, Shifu Kevin Zhen Kang Sun studied under Grand Master Shi De Zhuo, one of the top Shaolin Monks, as well as other highly regarded Chinese Martial Arts Masters and Grandmasters.  Grand Master Shi De Zhuo is also the Grandmaster of movie star, Jet Li.Through the unique and direct relationship of Master Sun with the Shaolin Monks and Temple, it allows our instructors and students a unique opportunity and benefit to learn traditional Chinese Shaolin Martial Arts in its purest form.  As an example of the mutual commitment from our school to the Shaolin Monks, Grandmaster Shi De Li and Grandmaster Shi Di Zhou (Master Kevin Sun's Master) of Shaolin traveled from China to our school and the University of Delaware to lecture, demonstrate advanced forms of Shaolin Martial Arts and instruct us.